New website will be launched in spring 2023!

Today's edition of visitarvidsjaur.se has served for many years, which is starting to show - a little too much. A new website is in the making and will be launched in the spring of 2023. For ongoing updates and inspiration from our destination, you are welcome to follow us via Instagram and Facebook. We can be found there via the name ArvidsjaurLapland. Do you have questions and wonderings about a possible trip to our beautiful area? Feel free to contact us via arvidsjaurlappland@arvidsjaur.se, and we will reply as soon as we can! Welcome to Arvidsjaur!

How to dress for a winter stay


Winter activities

Celebrate in Arvidsjaur

Arvidsjaur is a destination in northern Sweden, a part of Swedish Lapland. Here is something for anyone who wants to celebrate Christmas and New Year, framed by our beautiful fairytale landscape. Arvidsjaur is easily accessible via our airport, bus, car or train.

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Experience the aurora

From early autumn to mid-April there is a chance to see the northern lights in our area. The northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, can appear in many different guises and colors. The most common is the green aurora, but it can also be purple, blue and red. Regardless of the nuances, it is an experience to stand under the firmament and observe this magical phenomenon.

Photo: Robin Franzén

Discover our Arctic lifestyle

There are several ways to enjoy our wonderful nature, but either way it is definitely a must and a highlight of experiencing our arctic lifestyle. Hike, bike, take a ride on snowmobiles, snowshoes or skis. Regardless of the season, our forest always has something to offer.

Photo: Storberg Fjällgård